Finding shells

I have been for the last 5 days to a camp on Houtskär, Finland where I was a leader to the children. It was interesting and funny. The interesting part was that before the camp I didn’t like children very much. I was a bit worried because I didn’t have any experience of children. Me myself was just making it complicated. I didn’t know how to act around children. But it’s not complicated at all, you don’t have to act at all because you’re just yourself. They’re so spontaneous and full of life and they have nothing to worry about. Now after the camp I think they’re so cute even if they can be very noisy sometimes…

The funny part is also that a few of the children only spoke Finnish and I speak veryveryvery bad Finnish. But they didn’t care of I said something grammatically wrong or said wrong words, they understood me and I understood them even if I didn’t had to talk very much! It’s not embarrassing to be quiet around kids like it’s around adults. I liked that.

This is my new friends Derin and Aija at the beach finding shells. Derin is the little girl and Aija is from Latvia :)

Shutter speed: 1/4000
Focal lenght: 55 mm
Aperture: F7.1
ISO: 800

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