The weather was sunny =)

Model: Sof

Sara the redhead

Model: Sara

Blue blue sky

Model: Lilli

Model: Helena

Flower power

Hehe. Flowers.

Model: Lilli

Model: Helena

It’s very hard to decide what photos to use to my portrait project. Any suggestions?

Intensive red

Model: Sara
I was shooting photos again to my portrait project. I’m happy to have beautiful friends =)


Model: Helena

I was shooting some photos to my photo portrait project. The weather was ok. It wasn’t actually raining at all, they were watering the lawn :D
It was a bit cold but the sun was shining.


Just another self portrait. But this isn’t a photo to my photo project, though. This picture is a few days old, my hair is shorter now.

(tack Fidde :D)

[local full resolution copy]


My sister found a four-leaf clover in our backyard.

Spring goes summer

It was today 24 degrees Celsius in the sun :) It was perfect weather for walking in Noux. Unfortunately I had my camera at home, so this picture is from our backyard.

[local full resolution copy]

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