Thumb up

Thumb up for the weather.

Nothing special with this picture, I liked the blue sky.

Spring goes summer

It was today 24 degrees Celsius in the sun :) It was perfect weather for walking in Noux. Unfortunately I had my camera at home, so this picture is from our backyard.

[local full resolution copy]

Silent night

I was walking home last night from the V.I.P party where I saw Ruudolf live (too bad that I didn’t had my camera). But when I got home I just brought my camera and went back out for a walk. It was really a wonderful night. It was all quiet and no people at all. I got company by a fox (or at least i think it was). I tried to take a picture of it but it got scared and ran away.

Just a random car but I liked the lighting. [local full resolution copy]

The moon (bad quality).

Different way

I took a walk on the ice and saw this funny ski tracks. It was scary to walk on the ice because the ice made weird noises. I thought it would brake and was ready to run to the land :)

Later my mom told me the ice could have made those noises because it was freezing tighter.

Full size.

Full size.

Blue sky

The blue sky and the moon (almost no clouds!)

Full size.


Gott nytt år!

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